Blooming story of our very own “Brook and Blooms!”
College is the place where each step decides your entire life. However, unknowingly we may end-up it just completing assignments and scoring in exams. But, to ace up the score of our life, a few steps may end up changing everything around you.
The team of Brook of Blooms will share the ray of light that hit us and is now shining bright.
Two students, namely, Yash Bhatt and Arjun Thakkar, studying under GTU, were struck while attending a college workshop. The workshop assigned an activity to identify the societal problems. The workshop ended, and days passed by. After some days, Yash’s family organized a “KATHA” on an auspicious holy day. While his mother addressed him to throw away the trash, he identified the flowers and other stuff used in the PUJA to be dumped in the Sabarmati River. There came the point where Yash realizes the motto of workshop activity.
Yash observed that the river has been suffering a lot with all these promising offerings. This issue of floral waste dumped by the temple and the locals made the river dirty and polluted. He and his fellow friend Arjun decided to address this issue and planned to recycle the organic stuff. They started finding the answers, started researching this, and found solutions for the same. They found out that the waste can be Recycled and Organic Products can be made of it, which does not harm the environment. They started doing small activities without wasting a single amount of time in their 3rd Year of Engineering. To bring out a Great Solution, which is helpful to Societal Life.
As the quote says, “It’s not about the ideas. It’s about implementing ideas.”. After suffering a lot of struggle academically, financially, and socially, they started their work at the backyard of Gujarat Technological University. Their activity turned out for a success and named as “Brook and Blooms.” Soon after, they proposed the idea to the Ahmedabad Municipal (AMC), who decided to be a partner for the project and also helped them with vehicles to collect floral waste and even with operation and maintenance of the machine.
At present, the duo receives waste from across 44 temples of the city and from the AMC. After collecting the trash, they follow the recycling process and produce various organic products such as incense sticks and rose water. Their planning involves diversifying the products and scaling up the sales and awareness.

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